Bowen Hospital Expansion Officially Opened

Published: 25 Mar 2011

“The Minister of Health, the Hon. Tony Ryall today (4pm) officially opened The Bowen Centre, Bowen Hospital, Wellington.  Construction of the 5 level 3,300m₂ expansion to Bowen Hospital commenced in October 2009 and has been progressively occupied since the end of last year.

The Bowen Centre provides specialist consulting rooms, a new Endoscopy Suite and a new Radiology facility.

“The original Bowen Hospital on the Crofton Downs site has served the community well for almost 40 years, but it is timely that it now undergoes a significant redevelopment to ensure it can continue to provide quality patient focussed care for many more years to come” said the Chief Executive of Wakefield health Ltd, which owns and operates Bowen Hospital.

The Bowen Centre is the first of a two phase redevelopment of the Bowen Hospital site and cost around $16.5m.  Phase 2 which commenced in December 2010 provides for the construction of five new operating Theatres to replace the existing three.  Phase 2 will cost a similar amount. “This is a very expensive project, but Wakefield Health has confidence in the future demand for elective surgery which will require a greater utilisation of private hospitals as pressure mounts on publically funded services, driven by the demands of an ageing population. It will become increasingly important that individuals take greater personal responsibility for their healthcare needs”, said Mr Blair.

Wakefield Health Ltd owns and operates three private hospitals – Wakefield and Bowen Hospitals in Wellington and Royston Hospital in Hastings.  For more information visit or or contact

Andrew Blair, Chief Executive Wakefield Health Ltd


Bowen Centre Building Picture