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Nursing at Bowen gives you the opportunity to enhance your career and be part of a quality-focused team.

dorothyshaw“I personally have a huge interest in quality of service, and I find it very rewarding to see the satisfaction nurses get from taking responsibility for monitoring the quality of their care. Until recently I led the CQI group, and remain involved in it. Because all nursing staff rotate through its membership for a minimum of two years, all of nursing here understands the quality process, in fact, I think it’s the air that we breathe.”

Welcome to the webpages for nursing at Bowen Hospital. As General Manager, I’m proud to lead a nursing service where staff turnover is low and commitment is high. Let me tell you about what we believe makes Bowen’s professional environment ‘special’.

The typical profile of a Bowen nurse is someone who is mid-career and looking for work-life balance. We are fortunate to attract two quite different groups to complement this core new graduates looking to enter practice in a highly supportive environment, and nurses who have been in senior positions and want to get back to the satisfaction of patient contact and clinical work. Because we have a stable and experienced staff, the surgeons have confidence in the nurses, and there’s a true partnership focused on the patient.

We actively support a part-time work pattern, as we believe it enables nurses to balance their work and life commitments. As a smaller hospital – we think of it as ‘boutique’ – we try to be staff-centred as much as patient-centred, and it’s often said that there’s a family atmosphere here.

We’re also proud that the Bowen Trust supports around 100 procedures (from ingrown toenails to total hip joint replacements) every year for patients without insurance.

Most staff have worked here for about 14 years, and find that variety presented by our wide range of specialties provides plenty of interest. The experiences and perspectives newcomers bring are welcomed in this friendly environment, and we always look forward to preceptoring new graduates and nurses returning to practice every year. It’s a supportive professional environment where learning and continuing education are strongly encouraged, for instance, we have so far supported five of our staff in completing their Certificate in Perioperative Nursing.

Back in 1998 we were one of the first to provide a Professional Portfolio for our nurses, and more recently a group of nurses representing all clinical areas developed a new system bringing the annual appraisal and portfolio update together. This forms the basis of our Recognition Pathway, a professional development and recognition programme (PDRP) accredited by Nursing Council at the start of 2007. Your participation in it covers annual practising certificate requirements, and we were pleased to get feedback at PDRP accreditation that it had obviously been a real stimulus to professional development.

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