New graduates

Nurse Graduate Programme

The two year programme sees our new graduates paired with experienced RNs for preceptoring and also enrolled in the Post Graduate Certificate in Peri-operative Speciality Nursing offered through the Whitireia Community Polytechnic School of Nursing. The certificate is accredited at Level 8 of the NZQA Framework and is designed to prepare RNs for specialty practice in the planned surgery environment. The Certificate is the equivalent of two papers, which means that your options are open to continue to a Diploma or Masters of Nursing degree.

The experiences and perspectives newcomers bring are welcomed in this friendly environment, and we always look forward to preceptoring new graduates.

New Graduate in Ward: Lianne Bentham

"I applied to several hospitals, and it turned out that I was in the right place at the right time to come to Bowen. It was a really smooth and comfortable process. I’ll be in the ward for my first year of practice, and in theatre for the second. It’s a real plus that the Acurity Health Group NETP is integrated with study for the Post Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Specialty Nursing Practice. I have Sandra as my preceptor, but I know I can ask anyone for support. I’m allocated a workload I can manage – and while it’s definitely helpful that I trained as an Enrolled Nurse back in the 80s, I’m doing lots of learning every day."

Preceptor in Ward: Sandra McEwen

"It definitely a two way thing, to be a preceptor. It’s been good for me, Lianne talks about what they learned in school – I’ve taken a few things on board. She has lots of books and resources – often she’ll come in with an article on something we’ve encountered clinically. When she’s asking me questions, it makes me appreciate that what you are doing ‘automatically’ is actually quite skilled, and there’s lot of thought and experience behind it."

New Graduate in Theatre: Cristina Mastner-Hanoszek

I was the first in my class to hear that I’d got a job – here at Bowen – and I had to turn two other positions down. I’ve really appreciated that my orientation to the hospital has followed the patient’s pathway through the ward as well as theatre. Theatre is my interest because you feel that you are fixing things for your patient, there’s a sense of achievement at the end of a procedure. I like the technical aspect but I also value the connection you make with the patient just before induction. After four months I am double-scrubbing with a more experienced RN beside me. I am learning a lot as I work through the competence checklists - I feel as though my student life hasn’t ended.”

Preceptor in Theatre: Heather Nally

"Being a preceptor has been a good experience because teaching makes me put into words what I know in my head. Instead of doing things automatically I have to slow down and put it into a step-by-step process. It’s a classic scenario when the new graduate asks a question, and I have to find out for myself. It seemed a lot to take on at first, but the orientation booklet structures what we have to cover, and it becomes more and more rewarding.”