First Private Cancer Care Centre Opens in Wellington

Published: 26 Jul 2017

Cancer patients will be able to be treated privately in Wellington with the opening of the new Bowen Icon Cancer Centre at Acurity's Bowen Hospital by Prime Minister Bill English.

The state of the art cancer centre, a partnership between Australia's largest dedicated cancer care provider Icon Group and New Zealand's Acurity Health Group, means that for the first time cancer patients in Wellington will have a choice to receive private care in their own city.

The facility in Crofton Downs incorporates the latest oncology technology and treatment techniques to diagnose and treat cancers, delivering a world-class private cancer care service. 

The centre will initially treat hundreds of patients every year, with this expected to grow over time.

Medical Oncologist, Dr Kate Clarke said "We are excited to be able to offer choice and access for cancer patients in the Wellington region. We will provide patient-centred, specialist-led care delivered by a team of local medical oncologists and specialist nursing staff. This personalised approach means patients will experience true continuity of care at a purpose-built cancer centre".

There are around 63 new cancer cases registered in New Zealand every day and 9000 deaths caused by cancer each year. Furthermore, New Zealand's aging population is expected to see cancer incidence continue to increase in the upcoming years.

Acurity Chief Executive Officer Dr Ian England said with the growing cancer incidence, new cancer service infrastructure is essential. 

"Private cancer care has a vital role to play in augmenting the public service in New Zealand by broadening treatment capacity and choice. We hope the new Bowen Icon Cancer Centre will provide extra resources to support cancer patients, not just in Wellington, but also in the lower North Island and upper South Island".

With patients booked in and consultations starting next week, the Bowen Icon Cancer Centre will offer chemotherapy and other treatments for cancers, with radiation oncology to join the current service by the end of 2018.

Icon Group Medical Director Dr Ian Irving said "Our mission is to deliver the best cancer treatment possible, to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible, and this includes availability of options to suit patients' personal treatment needs and preferences. The new Bowen Icon Cancer Centre in Wellington offers world-class care. This is something that local New Zealand residents deserve".