Admission information

Your specialist will arrange your booking with the hospital and will let you know the date and time of your admission and how long you are expected to stay in hospital. You will also be provided with an Important Pre-admission Information booklet. We encourage you to read the important information contained therein, including what to do the day before and on the day of surgery.

Cost Estimates

Please phone us as soon as possible to obtain cost estimates so that you can notify your insurance company or, if you are paying personally, you will need to make the necessary financial arrangements to pay your hospital account.

At this time you will be able to discuss your accommodation preference (private room or shared room). Day Stay patients do not have a private room unless this is specifically requested by you or your surgeon, in which case our normal daily room rate would apply.

For more information on cost estimates and prepayments refer to Cost Estimates and Payment Information.


If you have been employed in a clinical care role, or admitted to any other hospital in New Zealand or overseas in the six months preceding your admission to Bowen, swabs from your nose and groin will need to be taken and tested in the laboratory.

Ideally, these swabs should be taken a week before your admission to the hospital. The senior clinical nursing staff will arrange this with you. In case there is a delay in your health questionnaire being assessed by the senior nursing staff, please phone the hospital and speak with either the Clinical Nurse Manager, the Infection Control Co-ordinator or the General Manager.